Host Factory Executive Summary

When an airplane crashes, do we examine the wreckage to discover the causes of failure? Or do we throw the pieces away, buy a new airplane, and hope that whatever it was won't happen again? The approach to system administration of wiping and reloading every few days because you can't audit or debug is dumb. It's another bad idea copied from Windows. If you destroy the evidence, how can you tell what happened when a sysadmin or a developer makes a mistake, or an attacker installs malware? The correct approach is to manage long-lived systems continuously at a fine-grained file level, instead of wiping and reloading. The best software to do that with is Host Factory.

Host Factory Controls All the Files, Not Just the Updates

Other products will initially configure a machine with the features you want. But after the configuration is built, how can those products continue to help you after a mistake or malware alters your configurations? Bare metal loaders and incremental package updates can't be re-run to verify software they previously installed. Only Host Factory is designed to audit all the software running on live systems, without disrupting them.

Host Factory closes the feedback loop by managing every file, finding configuration differences you didn't know needed discovering. Without closed loop feedback, you may never find a mistake made at the configuration generation stage, by the upstream packager, by an deployment hiccup, or by the package manager. Wiping and reloading could put the same error back and you'd never know.

Host Factory Auditing Plugs a Big Gap

Host Factory is a synthesis of other products' approaches, to cover the on-line live auditing gap where they are weak. Host Factory supplies an all-purpose debug and repair facility, suitable to address many kinds of problems. Here is a set diagram of how various products compare:

Working Version develops, sells, and supports the Host Factory brand software and its use. We offer consulting and development to bring under control the worst set of computer configuration management (CCM) and host version control problems. Our experience has proven that more often than not CCM first gains visibility in a turnaround situation, and we have untangled a number of messes incrementally while live and in service. Let us solve your problems today.

For more information on Working Version or our services, contact us here.

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