What package is the passwd file in?

Are you free of rootkits?    How do you know?    How would you repair?

The Host Factory brand computer configuration management system version controls the files on Linux machines,
checking and repairing them with little disruption. It handles every file on a machine, including files package
systems don't. It generates configuration files containing usernames, hostnames, and IP addresses.
Unnecessary differences in file modification times left by package systems are removed, and nearly-identical
hosts are more clearly identical. Differences stand out.

Working Version develops, sells, and supports Host Factory and its use. We offer consulting and development
to bring under control the worst set of computer configuration management (CCM) and host version control problems.
Our experience has proven that more often than not CCM first gains visibility in a turnaround situation, and we have
untangled a number of messes incrementally while live and in service. Let us solve your problems today.

Contact us here.

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