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Carnac the Magnificent anticipates your FAQs

A: Host Factory uses ssh, or your local replacement. There are no daemons and no new authentication or login mechanisms. The connection is always made outward from the server to the client, even when the corrections are flowing from the client to the server. The dataflow can be push or pull; the connection is always push.

Q: Oh no, not another remote access system!


A: Host Factory is written in perl and bash, and uses Mercurial for version control, which is written in Python. There are no C programs to contain memory boundary errors.

Q: Tell me you didn't write it in macro assembly.


A: Host Factory and its regression test suite know that filenames can contain any byte except a NUL and a forward slash. There are no data dependency errors on filenames, and filenames presented to the terminal have troublesome characters escaped. Filenames are treated as ASCII, not Unicode. The version control for filetrees can recursively contain copies of its own format, limited only by filename length limits from filename quoting.

Q: Won't that break on my pathological filesystem?


A: Host Factory is heavily pipelined and designed for WAN links. There are turnarounds in the protocol but the main phase where the bulk of the time is spent is blocked in units of 50K files.

Q: But the hosts I am managing are in a cloud.


A: Host Factory produces and consumes configuration and log files in the perl syntax for data structures. You do not need to screen scrape the messages intended for humans.

Q: How can I further automate this automation?


A: There is no version for Windows, there is not going to be a version for Windows. Windows is inferior to Unix merely for the sake of product differentiation. Even if you did port Host Factory to Windows, you would find there are many binary blobs in the Windows registry which aren't obvious how to generate.

Q: Where is the Windows version?  You shouldn't use feature X in your program, that feature is difficult to emulate on Windows.

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